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The Bug Light Band Spotlight is an annual contest that looks to determine who some of the most hard-rocking bands in Texas are. The winners are given the opportunity to play the main Bud Light stage at Fiesta Oyster Bake 2015 in San Antonio, Texas; an event that brings in thousands of people every year. We’re proud to announce that we have made it into the top 3 and will be playing the main stage on April 18th. The Uprising are now apart of a group of local Texas artist who will be opening up for nationals acts such as Non-point, POD, and Sevendust.

Thank you!!!

Thank you to all our fans, friends, and family who helped us accomplish this goal. We started out in the top 20 and made it to the top 3 thanks to your continued support and love for our music. Be sure to follow us on social media for details on how to attend this monstrous event and take on the largest stage we’ve ever played.


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