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RockLobster Fest 2015 – Courtesy D4vesgrill Photography

After a grueling 3-year citywide search for dependable passionate musicians, and along the way encountering countless flakes, “The Uprising” was formed in April 2011. Without Craigslist, none of this would have been possible.

It all started with David. He came to learn the guitar in the 8th grade, with a fascination of Santana, SRV, and Jimi Hendrix. He learned from his grandfather, Raul Tovar, who taught him the basic chords. After 2 years of practicing every day, he posted a “Lead Guitarist Available” ad on Craigslist. Promptly, he was in a band without a singer and it quickly only became “something to do” in the summer of 2009. Sooner, rather than later, the band fizzled to which David posted more ads including a bass player…

Here, enters Lorenzo. Classically trained in orchestra on the Double Bass, he proved to be the fundamentalist of the band, with 10 years of experience with his instrument. Songwriting was underway once the duo of David and Lorenzo came together. With the very first gig in the horizon, thanks to David’s neighbor, they played outside of his garage on Halloween night 2009. The singer at the time was not present but the performance proved a challenge for the drummer who immediately after, left the band. Soon after finding a replacement drummer, he suddenly departed the city, which brought another plethora of flakey drummers and singers. Fast-forward three years, numerous auditions, and finally Jonathan answered the call.

Jonathan learned from an unlikely source…Rock Band. He mastered the video game on drums and soon purchased his own drum set. After only 3 years of playing, he proved to be the solid rhythm that was missing in The Uprising. Singers had to have been the Mt. Everest in the searches for the band. The hunt for that perfect fit for their band and their final piece of the puzzle began. The UTSA campus proved to be the final stop.

Gilbert was introduced to music and singing at a very young age. His father, a naturally gifted singer encouraged him as an infant, singing melodies and choir classics to him. As he grew older, and began to take interest in sports and other extra-curricular’s, his parents only had one rule. If you want to play sports, you have to sing choir. His rock influence he inherited from his mother, but whether it was rock, classical, or something else entirely, there was music playing in the house. He started his first band at 12 years old with his best friend Tyler and their pair of little brothers. Since then he has front-manned countless projects but has not brought his writing to the public until recently. After a short break from music in 2012, he learned that THE UPRISING was looking for a new lead singer. They completed two songs in their first meeting now known as “All my Own”, and “Screaming Light.” The rest is yet to come!

Since the formation in April 2011, we have been featured in The EDGE Magazine here in San Antonio, played frequently on 99.5 KISS’s Texas Traxx radio hour with Randy Bonillas, and have played at numerous music venues. Theses venues include: Jacks Patio Bar, Clicks Live, The Falls, the Lonestar Pavilion at Sunset Station, the 502 Bar for the 99.5 KISS Texas Traxx Showcase, Josabis bar, and with many more to come.

We are The Uprising, and we will make sure we are heard.

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